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We are focusing on companies with annual sales of about 25 millon to about 2 billon in Swedish Crowns, both domestic and international. In this group, there is ongoing change work and the need for new and alternative knowledge. This is often addressed by external consultants. 


We offer external consultants for owners, boards and management. Common situations is when ownership changes, generation shift management changes, rapid changes, mergers, acquisitions, transfer, management for hire or changing organizational processes. We support from a given situation to another. The support often includes a starting point from a holistic perspectiv, regardless of whether it concerns strategy, organization or business development.


The business should be able to function as usual in connection with the company carrying out a project, and survival is about illuminating problem and needs in a project form. We work in three main areas: Strategy, Functional analyzes and Mentoring for boardmembers and/or CEOs.

Methods for strategy and analyzes.

Problem and need description, Qualitative study, Business meetings, Adaption and Implementation support.

Methods för mentoring.

Starting point two days a platform för conversations, and then meet regulary 4-6 hours per month

Cecia Consulting AB.

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Cecia Consulting AB

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